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Sector Opportunities

Fiji offers a compelling investment proposition and has a stable political environment that encourages economic growth and development. Continued investment in infrastructure, education and training have implications not only for the attractiveness of Fiji as a location to investors, but also for the quality of inward investment.

Agriculture has an immense potential in Fiji, our virgin soils and tropical climatic conditions allow for myriad of opportunities, targeting the domestic, local hotel industry and export markets.

FIJI is becoming one of the most sought after production locations in the world. It makes good business sense to shoot in Fiji and for film-makers to take advantage of the beautiful diverse locations and the best incentive in the world, the 75% Film Tax Rebate.

Fiji’s energy situation is characterized primarily by high reliance on imported fuels. Therefore, the Government is committed to reduce the reliance on imported fossil fuels by incentivizing energy generation through renewable energy sources in the country.

Fiji’s pristine ocean boasts diverse resources of marine life species that ranges from finfish products such yellow fin tuna, big eye tuna, albacore tuna, marlin, swordfish, mahi-mahi, deep water fish like snapper and reef fish species such as sea-bream, trevally, groupers, coral trout and rock cods. Aquaculture products include prawn, seaweed, giant clam and tilapia farming.

Fiji is blessed with a forest cover of 1.1 million hectares (ha) which covers 60% of our total land area and contributes around FJD$544 million annually in terms of ecosystem services. It continues to support increased export earnings, foreign & local investment, increased employment and economic growth, and support future generations.

A country’s health care system consists of both the public and private sectors, with the private one increasingly complementing public services. As countries in the developing world become wealthier their citizens may choose to use private health services to address their health needs. As a result, the private health sector in emerging markets can offer attractive returns to investors – from both the commercial and social perspectives.

Fiji is well positioned to attract ICT investments, starting from the lower end and moving up the value chain. Fiji has managed to secure its position in attracting renowned ICT investors to locate their back offices to Fiji allowing Fiji to position itself as the hub of the Pacific.

Manufacturing has an immense potential in Fiji. The Fijian government is building a sustainable and globally competitive manufacturing sector through targeted assistance and a sound enabling environment for the private sector.

The geographical and geological setting of Fiji has attracted multinational exploration companies to invest and successfully prospect for mineral deposits including gold and mineral water.

Fiji’s renowned culture of hospitality and resourcefulness delivers exceptional value for investors. There are many examples of commercial success resulting from investment ventures by international partners.

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