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Fiji is well positioned to attract ICT investments, starting from the lower end and moving up the value chain. Fiji has managed to secure its position in attracting renowned ICT investors to locate their back offices to Fiji allowing Fiji to position itself as the hub of the Pacific.

With Fiji well established as the hub of the South Pacific, its telecommunication network are the focal point for regional business activity. Fiji provides a world-class international connectivity via the Southern Cross Cable fibre optic networks which gives it a competitive edge in the globalized online world. The high speed network can now deliver a 5.4Tbps (capacity of new submarine cable system) fastest, most direct and most secure international bandwidth from Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii via the Pacific to the heart of the Internet in the USA. This among other reasons has secured Fiji’s position in attracting some reknowned ICT investors.

Aside from state of the art telecommunication infrastructure, Fiji also offers superb location based advantages. Located strategically (GMT+12) between Asia and the USA, Fiji provides a “timezone” business advantage, not only to East Asia and the US, but also to Eastern US and Europe. Fiji’s strategic location also makes the country’s location ideal for “overnight” processing.

Complementing Fiji’s location is the Fijian work culture which aligns well with the contact center industry. Fijians are reputed highly for their friendliness and hospitality, and have recently been named the ‘happiest people on earth’. Fijians also have a relatively neutral accent for voice-based operations, such as call centres.

From a legislative perspective, Fiji offers highly competitive tax incentives for operators in the ICT Industry. Moreover, driven by the requirement to operate 24/7, Fiji’s simple hourly wage structure has become a competitive advantage in its own right.

Fiji is establishing a Modern Economic Zone with supporting infrastructure and utilities to cater for large scale ICT operations. Based on ‘plug & play’ concept, the zone will offer tailor made facilities that will ease setting up operations, simultaneously saving time and cost.‍


Fiji offers high-quality business resources and infrastructure for the ICT sector.
The Southern Cross cable provides fast, direct and secure high capacity services between Australasia and the United States West Coast, with a landing point in Suva. It is expected that Fiji’s second largest island, Vanua Levu, will also have fibre connectivity by March 2018 thereby creating further opportunities for investors and businesses.
Good English-speaking labour force as Fiji’s literacy rate is around 94%.
Business friendly consumer policies and legislations.
Opportunities in mobile applications and value adding service providers.
Some well-known international back office processing companies are already operating in Fiji.
Fiji offers an investment- friendly environment for the ICT sector with focused support from the government.
Fiji businesses have experience in dealing with ICT products and are receptive to new and innovative products.
Fiji is very strategically located in the Pacific and has number of headquarters for regional and international organizations.
Young workforce with very competitive labour rates.
Duty free importation of computer, computer parts and accessories, plant, equipment and fittings, and specialised furniture for initial establishment and during its ongoing operations to approved ICT/BPO business operators.
Fiji won the European Outsourcing Association‘s Offshoring Destination of the Year Award in 2014.
Fiji has a highly competitive Telecommunications sector and enjoys one of the highest rates of ICT penetration in the region. 95% of our population have access to mobile broadband through the use of 3G and 4G technologies and this figure is increasing. The deregulated telecommunications sector ensures value for money and access to world class ICT services for Fijians and investors alike.
Government is heavily investing in the creation of a Digital Television Platform that will be deployed throughout the country and this will have opportunities for potential content providers and content producers.

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