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Waikete Agriculture & Aquaculture

Located just before Waikete Village, in Nakelo Tailevu sits a 12 Acre Farm that has great potential to be an emerging full scale commercial agro-farm in Fiji’s central-eastern region. The farm is also situated alongside a creek, which can be seen as an advantage as it can be a water source for Irrigation and likewise it can increase the fertility and soil enrichments of the land. The lease is I-Taukei lease and the lease type is Agriculture. The lease term is 50 years, beginning in 2020. The owner of this opportunity is looking for an Investor/Financier who can Invest in the expansion of the farm – from a small-scale enterprise to a medium-large sized commercial farm. The project owners are looking into Hydroponics Farming particularly for leafy vegetables and produces such as tomatoes, and eggplants. In the same way, fish ponds can be further developed to increase yield and size of the tilapia fishes.


Capital Investment 

$30,000 +

Seeking Partnership 

Up to 50%

Return on Investment


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