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The Seclusion Resort

The site in Waidroka Bay, Serua indeed has great potential for growth. As Tourism Travel starts to pick up in 2023, this opportunity is perfect for any investor who wishes to benefit from the growth in the industry and likewise growth in the sub-sectors such as Eco-Tourism and Glamping. Equally, with a shortage of around 4,000 rooms in Fijis Hotel Room Inventory, this opportunity to grow Fijis Hotel Room Inventory and also service a target sector of the tourism market is more practical than ever.

The site was acquired in 2011 by the current owner and the necessary permits and approvals has already been attained move forward with the development of the property. The site is situated along the Queens Highway, whereby a drive to and from Nadi International Airport is around to 1.5 hrs. and this is the same for Fijis capital, Suva City


Capital Investment 

FJD $2,000,000

Seeking Partnership 

Up to 50%

Return on Investment


More Information

The Seclusion Resort is a unique Tourism Investment Opportunity waiting to be explored. Situated along the Waidroka Bay in Serua is a 10 – acre beachfront property that has great potential for any tourism development. Waidroka Bay is located in the south of Fijis main island, Vitilevu. The site has been earmarked for a Glamping Resort Accommodation. Glamping is a form of traditional camping without having to forego comfort and life luxuries.

The proposed tented glamping accommodation is quick to install development and usually has a fast Return on Investment (ROI). It is also anticipated that there will be at least two other phases of glamping eco-tent installation which will increase capacity and revenues at later stages. The success of this project will see the influx of tourist visits from eco-travelers, adventure seekers and avid campers’ communities from both existing and new tourism Markets.

This investment opportunity will enhance Fiji’s Tourism landscape and better yet produce another offering that Fiji can take to the world.


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