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Pacific Ocean Culture Pte Ltd

Winner of the Prime Minister’s Excellence in Business Awards – Primary Industries, Pacific Ocean Culture (POC) has established itself as the largest Aquaculture option for freshwater seafood supply in Fiji and is expanding to export and diversification to seawater aquaculture products.

With sustainable resource management and import substitution as key ingredients to Pacific Ocean Culture’s production. Projects currently underway at Pacific Ocean Culture facility enable growth of the business and quality assurance through benchmark processes resulting in increased production to improve economies of scale.
• POC has developed flexible options in the existing multi-species hatchery and broodstock maturation facilities. Significantly POC has established a superior genetic pool of species broodstock to ensure a consistent supply of seed and hatchery breeding success and production grow out techniques. In addition POC has established itself in the food safe certified processing sector resulting in continual high quality output of premium product.
• Crown Leasehold 44.96 hectare Aquaculture facility including reservoir, approx. 40 acres of 46 ponds, nursery raceways, bio-secure hatchery, commercial ice machine and certified and equipped food processing facility. Site includes two-story office building with multiple research rooms and office space and separate two-bedroom residential cottage. (lease holding - 11 years remaining, with further 10-year option.)
• Fiji Registered Company 100% Sole Director


Capital Investment 

US$ 200,000.00 +

Seeking Partnership 

Up to 49%

Return on Investment

3-year period

More Information

Potential Investors:
• Aquaculture professionals with proven technical and management capability looking for a bio-secure site for expansion of their current footprint through partnering with an established commercial facility expansion ready.
• Domestic and international food Distribution Company able to value add to the production and distribution channel of the business.
• Impact investors looking to partner with a Business that incorporates rural development, employment opportunity for women, food security and climate change mitigation as integral to their strategy.
Expansion Initiatives:
1. Increased Processing facility outputs and launch of increased product lines.
2. Implementation of Reservoir cage-culture production site
3. Intensification of pond development and implementation of diversification of species
4. Marine Site acquisition for diversification of species
5. Renewable energy scheme

Land size

40 Hectares


Project Gallery


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