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Kahuna Herbal Products

Kahuna Herbal Products (“KHP”) is a vertically integrated business that produces pure noni juice and is now also developing noni blossom honey, both for the export market. It is located on a 352-acre freehold property at Dreketi in Vanua Levu (Kahuna Fiji Estate (“KFE”) and has been operational for about fourteen years. KHP employs six people at the present time, all of whom live within the local village community. KHPs style of management is based on a community system in which the employees, selected from the local villages, are assigned to carry out all routine /non-routine tasks in the absence of the owner manager who inspects progress on an average of once a week. The concept of these employees consistently “taking care of a business that is taking care of them” has worked very well thus far. Routine and non- routine tasks range from fieldwork (beekeeping, orchard expansion, fruit picking and general ground maintenance) to factory work (processing, storing, packaging and preparing for export).

KHP has recently acquired HACCP Certification from HACCP Australia and Organic Certification from Southern Cross Certifiers also in Australia.


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Seeking Capital Injection Offers Invited

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As people now start to be more health conscience, the demand for both organic and health products will continue to grow overtime. This is a unique investment opportunity to invest in an investment ready project and be part of the growth of global movement towards healthy living and wellbeing.

Both the business and the property are solely owned and managed by Doreen Miller Robinson. At the beginning of 2019 KHP began an informal business association with Bure Pacific Products (BPP) of Auckland, New Zealand. BPP takes care of marketing and product development whilst KHP looks after production.


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