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Ganga Pte Ltd

Ganga Pte Ltd is a registered company looking for acquiring shares to expand business into Australia, New Zealand and USA. The company manufactures confectionary items and wholesalers of spices with a brand “Gangas” which is widely recognized in Fiji. The company seeks investor who can inject FJ$1,750,000 or more in-turn for a 50% equity stake in the company with a return on investment (ROI) of 12%.


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Ganga Pte Ltd have a potential land which can be leased to build a factory to cater for the expansion into new markets. Their current leased premise is not large enough to cater for increased production requirements to supply to overseas markets. Time for completion of the building is 2-3 years.

• Current Revenue is FJ$2.5m
• Profits before distribution and tax FJ$300k
• Potential Revenue can reach the range of FJ$5m - FJ$7m with export income
• Potential profits FJ$700k - FJ$1m

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