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Bativou Investment Enterprise

Bativou Investment Enterprise is a registered company in Fiji looking for a joint venture partner to invest in their existing vanilla business. The company has a total of 588 acres of agriculture land predominantly for vanilla farming, yielding a projected total of 6500 tonnes of cured vanilla and seeks partnership 80%/20% or 70%/30% with proposed return on investment of 20% in the company.


Capital Investment 


Seeking Partnership 

Can be discussed

Return on Investment

20% annually and 200% after the term. Profit 280%.

More Information

The significance of investing into this vanilla business is because:
1. Global demand is very high and supply is so low, with market already established,
2. Fully organic,
3. Full crop insurance for all agriculture commodities at both farm sites,
4. Well versed vanilla experts’ technical team, and 5. Currently developing a 12-component organic fertilizer to boost the natural value of the quality of vanilla and all other agricultural commodities.

Property Type

Native Land for Agriculture

Land Type


Land size

588 acres


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