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Spring Water Extraction

Spring Water Extraction Project's has 3 acres of land with 99 years commercial lease. It is easily accessible and has 3 boreholes that have already been drilled. The 3 boreholes have the capacity to produce over 100 million liters of spring water per year. An estimated projection of 200 million litres can be produced in a year and sold at a conservative price of 50 cents per litre. The expected revenue derived will be FJ$100m per annum.


Capital Investment 


Seeking Partnership 

Offers Invited

Return on Investment


More Information

• Spring water (Bottled water) extraction project
• Site sitting on 3 acres piece of land
• Proposed investor to project/inject capital funding to kick start the project
• Building yet to be erected and constructed
• Lessee has a 99 years commercial lease
• Project site easily accessible as it located next to the main road
• 3 boreholes have already been drilled and one is currently in use for household consumption
• Operation to commence from the initial stages

Land size

3 Acres

Property Type





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