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Ceva Ventures

Ceva Ventures is a registered company looking for a joint venture. The proposed nautical tourism project is to be located in Suva City. The company seeks an investor with a capital injection FJ$750,000 and will get a 50% equity stake in the company with ROI of 20%.


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The business intends to provide Island excursions, tour and boat charter services. The market segment will be tourists, individuals, business people, companies and schools. Providing tours to 11 destinations including Kadavu and nearby islands. Ceva Ventures intends to take advantage of available resorts and beaches to make business a success.

The project has tier 1 statutory approvals in place and current company structure has a single shareholder.

• Expected Gross income per year is FJ$1.3m
• Expected expenses per year is FJ$870, 000
• Profit margin is 33%
• Debt ratio is 0.11%
• Current ratio is 3.57%
• Debt to equity ratio is 0.13%

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